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Self Service Laundries

Wash and Dry your laundry in comfort, the Smalls way!  Save Time, Money and Water and bring your washing to one of our two Gold Coast Locations, Upper Coomera, Ashmore or Highland Park.  We have everything you need in one location.  You no longer need to bring washing powder as our State of the Art Dexter washing machines have automatic detergent dispensing with each wash.

Detergent with every wash
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We have 3 different sized Front Loading, Stainless Steel Washers for your convenience at both our locations.


Our Small Machine is just over 9kg

Our Medium Machine is just over 13.5kg

Our Extra-Large Machine is just over 18kg 




With 8 Super Efficient GAS Dryers at both our locations, your washing will be dried, quickly and cost effectively.


Each dryer holds just over 13.5kg in capactity, that is a whopping 2-3 baskets!


We welcome customers to our laundry who just want to use our dryers, Come on in and see what everyone is talking about.





Watch our You-Tube Video to show you have Fast, Convenient and Fun it can be to wash at our locations.


With washing taking only 25 minutes and drying around 30 minutes for a standard load, get all your weeks washing done in under an hour a week!  How's that for Time Management.

Proud to be a Dexter Laundromat.  Bringing our customers the Best of the Best in washers and dryers.

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