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About Us

In early 2010 we recognised a need on the Gold Coast for a Clean, Friendly and Efficient place to do your laundry.  We understand that in society today everyone is busy therefore time poor and decided that a Self-Service Laundromat with a difference was something that we could offer.


We opened our flagship store at Upper Coomera, Gold Coast in October 2010.  The community were excited that they now had a place to call their own "laundry".  A laundry is all about community, so we set to work to make it a friendly, convenient place for people to drop in to get their chores done, or to have a chat with a friend.  It is lovely to see the relationships that have been formed at our laundry over the years.


In 2013, We decided to open our second store in Ashmore on the Gold Coast, this store is situated in The Pitstop Centre, which is a well know, stop shop and go precinct. Perfect for our Philosopy of Convenient, Fast & Friendly Laundromats.  With the Gold Coast Hospital only minutes away and also Griffith University Campus, this laundry was to cater for a diverse population of visitors and residents alike.

In 2017 we opened a store in the well known shopping centre at Highland Park, situated near the IGA as well as being neighbours with the famous Highland Park Chinese Restaurant and Poolwerx store it is in a location that is easy to locate and has plenty of off the road centre parking.  Like our other stores, this one is fully air-conditioned, you receive FREE detergent with every wash and has the same clean and friendly atmosphere as the others.


We like to hear the lovely stories about our laundries that our customers tell us, it is nice to know that the effort that we put into our business is noticed by you.  If you happen to have any feedback or criticism, we would love to hear from you as this helps us to improve our business for you the consumer.


Thank you for supporting our Laundries and remember,

Wash * Dry * Fold * Repeat


Emily Ritchie

Founder & Owner

Smalls Laundromats

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