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Summer Is Here!! ... But is It?!

1st December...

Summer time has officially arrived (well via the calendar anyway), it seemed to me that Summer arrived here on the Gold Coast weeks ago when it was super hot and we started to experience the Summer Hail storms every afternoon of years ago.

But today, I am sitting at home with a jumper and slippers on again, the temperature has dropped significantly. This weather gig must be a tough cookie to track.

So on to laundromat news, As you know we have two laundromats on the coast now, Our original at Upper Coomera and the new-ish one at Ashmore. Our Ashmore laundry is in a great location, it is situated in The Pitstop group of shops with many take-away restaurants for you to grab a bite to eat while your washing is spinning. It is also around a 5 minute drive to the New Gold Coast University Hospital! So it is nice and convenient to everything.

With December beginning, with it comes the stresses of the end of the school/work year, holidays, more bills, less money, less time, so it is the perfect time to pop into the laundries and get the washing ticked off the 'to-do' list in just 25 minutes. Don't forget that you get Free detergent with every wash at our laundromats as well.

Try and stay safe and stress-free in the lead up to Christmas and I will continue to post ideas and tips and news on here regularly for you.

Have a great week!


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