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Easter School Holidays

10 weeks of School are already over for 2014!! Can you believe how fast this year is already tracking? I know, every year seems to get faster and time just passes us by, but try and take the time to enjoy what is going around you if it is even just for a few minutes a day.

This Easter, there are plenty of things going on around the Gold Coast and Brisbane to keep the kids entertained. If you check out the Gold Coast Active & Healthy School Holiday program here you will find a huge amount of low and no cost entertainment. We are also lucky that we don't live too far from the "big smoke" of Brisbane, so if you are feeling adventurous, you could head up on the train to visit the Science Centre or the Cavern of the Curious under the sea exhibit at the Queensland Museum.

For many of us, Easter is a time for Camping fun, and with that comes a lot of washing afterwards. So rather than enjoying your camping holiday and then loathing the return to the laundry, why don't you give Smalls a try this time to get all your washing done quickly and spend time doing things that are more fun?! Did you know that our machines wash cycle only takes 25 minutes, and if you were to use every machine in store you could wash over 15 loads at once!!! Talk about getting everything done efficiently. We are also more than happy for you to come in and just use our big Industrial Gas Dryers, they are very efficient and a normal load of washing takes around 30 minutes to dry and at a cost of $3-$4 it is almost silly to have your own electric, power eating dryer at home ;)

For a list of places to camp have a look at Queensland Holidays website.

We hope that you and your family have a safe Easter and we hope to see you in one of the Laundries soon.

All the Best


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