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Back to School - Time to Sort Washing and Save Time

Back to School Ideas for making your life easier!

Was your New Year's resolution to keep on top of your laundry this year? Well how about you try the ideas below and save even more time and effort.

When it comes to washing, there aren't many of us that really find it a FUN task! But if you keep on top of it, it isnt too bad either.

At Smalls Laundromat we have three different sized Dexter Industrial Stainless Steel Washing machines to help you tackle the job at hand. A 9.5kg, 14kg and 20kg.

I find the thing that takes the longest with the washing is of course, sorting, turning everything in the right way and checking pockets. So, this year, why not teach everyone else in the house to help with this task. If every piece of clothing is sorted AS it goes into the laundry and turned the right way around, it will make for a super speedy transition into the washer.

Everyone is different, some people separate their whites, colours, blacks and towels, others are happy just to put everything in together. So depending on what works fo you will depend on how many baskets you need set up in the laundry/bathroom. But if you are a sorter, make sure you have labelled baskets with words & pictures (to help little people) so there is no excuse for your helpers to start doing their jobs.

Once you have a full basket of dirty laundry, or two, head into the laundromat and pop it into one of the washing machines and wait just 25 minutes for the full cycle to take place. Then, back into the basket and either into one of our super efficient Gas Industrial Dryers for about 30 minutes and it's done for another week, or home to hang out on the line to dry.

Folding.. yep the "f" word ! ha! if you try and fold the washing as you get it out of the dryer or off the washing line, it will save you a LOT of time! so even though you dont want to do it at the time, taking that extra 10 minutes will save you a mile at the other end!

When I was younger, (i am one of 5 children) my Mum had special tidy baskets for each of us, so when the washing was folded either from the line or by us as we went, it was then sorted into each person's basket and then that person was responsible for taking it and putting it away. Many hands really do make light work, and it is really all in the routine. I will not profess to be a laundry whizz or a housekeeping super star, far from it. But I do find when we have routines in place the world seems to be a better place.

Happy New Year and all the best for 2014. Make it the year YOU want it to be!

See you at the Laundromat!


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